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How To Setup HotJar Script In Adobe Launch

How To Setup HotJar Script In Adobe Launch

If you’ve had to implement HotJar script in Google Tag Manager, it’s straightforward as the tag type is available and all you need to do is add the site ID [used 1234567] and fire the tag.

In Adobe Launch, the setup is a bit different as 1. the tag type is not available 2. the tags are within the rules.

In order to setup the HotJar tag in Adobe Launch, here are the steps:

  1. Define when you want to fire the tag. As with GTM, the three basic options are on Adobe Launch script OR on DOM Ready [HTML structure is created] or Window Loaded [Content has been rendered]. The sooner your tag fires, the more information it can collect. However, it’s always better to prioritize content load over tracking pixels. Only the most important tags can fire before content.

  2. In Adobe Launch, we will choose the Event when ‘Adobe Core’ has the event type ‘Window Loaded’. This is when we want to fire the tag.

  3. Place any conditions if you don’t want to fire the tag.

  4. IF not, then move to the next section - Events. As in, what do we want the rule to do. As HotJar tag type is not available, choose ‘Core’ and then, custom code.

  5. This would be a Custom HTML tag so you need to choose HTML type, paste the HTML script that HotJar provides and that’s it, you’re done.

Did you find this tip helpful? Let me know if you think I could write about other aspects related to Adobe Launch.

HotJar script in Adobe Launch.JPG
HotJar implementation in Adobe Launch.JPG


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