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Changes To Facebook's 20% Text Rule

Just saw this tweet 24 hr ago from @mattjuniper and it immediately got my attention. The 20% text rule has often resulted in ads getting disapproved even when the actual text (not grids) is less than 20% of the image.


Following the tweet, it took me to WeRSocial's blog Following the tweet, it took to WeRSocial's blog 

Without rehashing the linked blog content, what's really interesting is that Facebook will not prevent ads with more 20% text from going live. Instead, content would be categorized into:

  • Image text: OK – you ad image contains little or no text
  • Image text: Low – your ad’s reach may be slightly limited
  • Image text: Medium – your ad’s reach may be limited
  • Image text: High – you may not reach your audience

So, much text should go into the ad and is the first quadrant [Image text: OK] = 20%? Probably, but Facebook would not want to explicitly mention the percentage as it would mean all content creators rushing towards 20% (or higher/lower) when there's so much context that will determine a photo post's final reach.

From an media perspective, this would definitely impact the Cost Per Reach / Cost Per Engagement metrics as brands would have to choose visual content that has just enough text to retain user attention. 

This change seems to have been applied to UK/Ireland only [for now]



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