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Calculated Metrics in Facebook Ad Manager We Could Use [if it existed] - Part 1

Let’s start by talking about how it’s odd that Google Ads already has a Calculated Metrics feature while Facebook Ad Manager interface doesn’t. The sheer amount of data available within the interface itself is a good reason to let advertisers reduce calculations. Yes, you can absolutely do this in your reporting platform of choice, such as Google Data Studio. However, it’d be nice to have this in the interface itself - if you want to quickly compare performance between ad sets/campaigns.

Calculated Metric Idea #1 : Actual Post Engagement Rate

I have previously done a detailed blog post on the difference in engagement rate between Facebook Insights and Facebook Ad Manager.

So, Facebook Ads has Post Engagements column , which includes 3-sec views while Facebook Insight uses click-to-play views while factoring engagement. Comparing engagement rates across both these platforms could mean FB Ad Manager saying post engagement rate (which is still not available as a column) of 40% while FB Insights suggests a 4% engagement rate.

To get a post engagement rate in FB Ad Manager that’s actually comparable to Facebook Insights, you will need to divide Clicks(all) by Post Reach. This will cover the active engagements that Facebook Insights covers under engagement.

Do you have any ideas for calculated metrics that we could use?

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