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Meetup #2 for Digital Analytics Dubai - A/B Testing For Meeting Business Goals and Attribution Modeling

Organizing Meetup#2 for the group - Digital Analytics Dubai. Will be happening on 10th May / 7 pm / Pascal Tepper.

This time, hope to exchange ideas around two topics:

  1. A/B testing for meeting business goals: In a very time pressed environment (as we all are), we need to prioritize tasks (and tests) that we can realistically conduct and implement to help meet our business goals. Hope to exchange cool ideas around best practices, tools and how to map the process of testing and learning.
  2. Attribution modeling: This one is a very interesting topic on its own. The feature is already available in most WA tools (In GA: Conversions > Attribution > Model Comparison ) to check out the different models. Each one has its pros/cons and hope to discuss these models.
Full details of the event are here:

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