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New Meetup Group - Digital Analytics Dubai

Was thinking of this for a while now and decided to go ahead with it. Just created a Meetup group dedicated to digital analytics as such a group doesn't exist yet. As it's related to my field, it's obviously interesting to me but it's even more important to spread awareness about the possibilities with digital analytics. Also, I hope to create networking opportunities for the analytics community and learn along the way from each other.

While I haven't organized a meetup yet (been to many though), it would be very interesting to have people from:

  • Agency side people: This could include people from the media side, the creative/digital agencies and even from social analytics.
  • People in pure web analysts role (agency/client side)
  • Client side members interested in learning more about analytics. Who knows, with enough brain power, we could even help insta-solve analytics questions and help each other!
  • Anyone who is interested in this exciting field and wants to learn more. Think entrepreneurs, students, career switchers even. 
Here's the link to the meetup group:

If you do know anyone who might be interested in this group, please do share the link. 

Look forward to organizing a 'Get To Know Each Other' event as the first one soon!

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