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[Meetup group: eCommerce Toronto] PPC advertising for E-Commerce

This was my 2nd meetup for the group eCommerce Toronto. The meetups are hosted at the offices of Demac Media (a pure play e-commerce dev).

This month's meetup focused on PPC advertising within the context of e-commerce.

Katie Hudson from Demac has already jotted down the minutes of the meetup on Demac's blog.

Some of the important topics that were raised during the meetup involved displaying PPC ads on mobile devices and how crucial can it be when majority of the websites (in general) are not even mobile friendly. Especially from a e-commerce perspective, this can literally mean a very high bounce rate and loss of sale.

If you're interested in getting a report about PPC trends in several industries (US data), have a look at this report from Marin.

Screen shots from the report:

Smartphones still account for only 7% of purchases but might be very helpful at the search stage.

Lookin' forward to the next meetup! 

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