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Update: Airtime - Potential acquisition for Facebook?

So the launch of Airtime was filled with glitches. With Sean Parker (ex Facebook, Spotify) and Shaun Fanning (Napster) as co-founders, Airtime appears to be well thought idea of "Chatroulette without nudity"

Using data about interests from Facebook to connect users based on location, common interests or are friends of friends. Airtime promises to be a major progression from the infamous ChatRoulette and features such group video chats (Hangouts...?)  are expected to be roll out soon along with iOS and Android versions.

Most notably, brands would be hoping to utilize group chat feature in Airtime to connect with fans and share brand experiences. User details remain anonymous till users approve requests to add in their Airtime list. Sneak previews could be shown to seeders to get the WOM going.

Update: Just read in G&M that Airtime hopes to make money through:
a. Ads
b. Sale of virtual goods (will be very interesting to know details as they emerge as Zynga might try to break free from Facebook credits)

Would you try Airtime to connect with other users soon?

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