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Mesh 12 session: HubSpot CEO on Inbound Marketing

Bryan Halligan, CEO of HubSpot , had insights galore to share about why inbound marketing is crucial.
The easiest definition he had for inbound marketing was that it was the opposite of outbound...
A couple of things to know about inbound marketing:
1. Create remarkable content
2. Knowing the machinery( systems to constantly split test the funnel to get better results from leads
3. 80/20 rule: knowing content will get shared, viewed etc.
Content should be relevant but not over-sell. E.g. a shoe store using a post how to shine shoes vs please buy this'.
Some of the brands that do an amazing job at segmentation include amazon and most notably, Netflix. By personalizing the web and email experience for every user, Netflix drills it down to 1 user/ segment.

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