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Facebook Reach and Content Marketing - Post for Sovedo and Comment by Jeremiah Owyang at #3TYYZ

I came across an interesting research by AllFacebook which revealed that global firms were able to reach (impressions) 3-7% of their fan base. With an even lower engagement rate 1-2%, it becomes increasingly difficult for brands to find space in the newsfeed.

Think from a SMB (Small & Medium Business) perspective. The newsfeed has friends' posts, crazy cat pictures, celebrity posts and global brands. It becomes all the more important to consciously know what / often to post content. Here's the link to my full article on Sovedo.

P.S. - Jeremiah Owyang was recently in Toronto as a guest speaker for the #3TYYZ event (3rd Tuesday, Toronto). On asking him the same question during the Q & A session, he had an interesting take on it - suggesting that in the near future, it won't be social media but rather, social advertising. That brands, SMB or global ones, will have to increase their ad spend through sponsored stories, sponsored ads etc to increase the likelihood of showing up in newsfeed. Makes sense, considering that Facebook is in the advertising business. 

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