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Brisk (Pepsico) Attempts Content Advertising Through "Scumbag Steve" Meme

Memes have never been more popular, thanks to social media. They're witty and provide for some good laughter, especially when they're focused on a particular topic (Note: Soccer Memes). I just read an article on TechCrunch where Brisk (the Pepsico) brand is trying to better connect with the audience by using memes. For the first ad, they have used "Scumbag Steve" meme and partnered with imgur for hosting the original pic that can eventually be shared by viewers.

What's interesting is that Imgur's CEO open admission that even after 2 billion monthly page views (yes, monthly), imgur audience hated ads but didn't mind seeing them on the side. To develop a better revenue model, this untested approach was chartered and the Brisk meme was born. 

What do you think about this approach? Do you find it clever? or think that the (meme) community would easily spot a "meme ad" from a genuine one, and would thus not share the image? 

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