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How To Start A Movement - Leadership lessons from the shirtless, dancing guy!

Would you call this guy a leader?? He's shirtless, has his arms really high and nobody around him is paying any attention, right? Now watch the video.

This video and the narration helps us redefine leadership. While the leader starts with something crazy, he almost gives up control and lets people feel empowered. Seth Godin covered covered something similar in Tribes.

Think about the inspirational people around. One such personality is Elon Musk. While flipping through channels, I came across a documentary about his life. He is perhaps best known as the co-founder of PayPal who ended up selling it to eBay for $1.5 billion. The crazy part begins here.

Elon decides to get into space exploration and starts SpaceX to send spaceships that can transport cargo to space stations more efficiently. On the fourth attempt, SpaceX succeeds in sending a rocket into space. First contract?? $1.6 billion from NASA...

It doesn't end...Elon also decides to "dabble" in electric vehicle technology and puts his personal fortune on stake to help build electric vehicles that look like this... 

Yes, that's Tesla and it's an electric car...

Think about the first person who thought PayPal was a good idea? The first employee to join Elon at SpaceX and not think that it's way too out there for a guy from Silicon Valley to send a rocket into space? The first person to think that Tesla, with Elon on board, has the potential to force behemoths to invest heavily in electric vehicles? 

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