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Heineken Beer For Friends - With NFC maybe?

In case you haven't heard about a cool concept from Heineken that combines apps + Facebook update + Foursquare + mobile it is.

Heineken BFF (revised) from Otilia Dobrea on Vimeo.

What do you think about the concept? The gool ol' "I owe you a beer" promise finally gets fulfilled. While discussing the idea with a few friends, it occurred to me that although the screens in the participating bars would flash the message asking the receiver to collect the beer, what if the bar does not have the money for screens? or it's too small to accommodate such? How about if it's Friday night and the bartender(s) don't have the time to go through the app to see who deserves the beer?

What could a solution (in the near future) look like?

Throw in Google Wallet to get the payment deducted from the giver while all the receiver has to do is tap an NFC enabled phone to prove his/her identity and claim the free drink.


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