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Retail and Mobile Commerce Metrics behind Liverpool F.C.'s Mobile Store

Alright. Time for a new blog post!

Just checked my twitter account and found nice updates from

Football Marketing


Karl Lusbec

 talking about Liverpool F.C. becoming the first football club to launch a mobile store for its original merchandise. Very nice! Liverpool is back in the top 6 of EPL and just 8 points behind fourth placed Tottenham! 

Let's discuss a bit about the numbers behind smart phone usage and the retail numbers that can play in Liverpool's favor:

As per a 2008 Forrestor report

, around 125 million Western Europeans will have access to smart phones by 2013. Within the U.K., mobile commerce appears to be catching up. Nearly 25% of UK consumers used a smart phone to research and review products while

13% used it to make purchases

. Looks promising to say the least.

Liverpool is already #3 among global football clubs when it comes to retail revenues for all licensed merchandise. The first position and second position went to Real Madrid and Barca respectively (surprise!). The combined retail market among just the top 10 clubs (by retail) represents a lucrative EUR 1.2 billion and Liverpool would want to use its legacy to remain in this list even as its standing in the table fluctuates.

Just as example, roughly

900,000 Adidas sponsored Liverpool replica jerseys

are sold every year X roughly EUR 55 for a jersey = EUR 49.5 million revenues from shirts alone!

One key factor that will determine customer experience and success for Liverpool's mobile store would be how it performs across different platforms like Android, Apple and B.Berry. 

Till then, goodnight!

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