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adiVerse Virtual Footwear Wall by Adidas

Okk adiVerse is by far the most exciting thing I've ever seen in Retail...!!

I found out about this concept as the co-founder of CognoVision, Haroon F. Mirza ( just gave a presentation during my Strategic Market Planning course today!

The technology is a game - changer in digital signage... CognoVision has already been acquired by Intel and it's simply amazing...

Here's how CognoVision approach a digital signage and the sensor captures your gender and age bracket using anonymous video analytics!

It can also tell you how long did the consumer look at the ad for..more importantly, the screens can be programmed to show relevant content ...this concept has been picked up by Adidas...adiVerse identifies the consumer as he/she approaches and juggles through the 2-3000 models to show ones that you are likely to be influenced by!

I think for Adidas (or any brand), this is fantastic as it gives a whole new meaning to the ROI on digital ads...imagine the kind of data that can be built up over time to understand consumers better and know what are they going to get influenced by...! wowww!

The browsing capability of adiVerse and check out functions simply show the future of retail marketing.

The presentation by Haroon was simply mind-blowing! Big thanks to my professor, Jane-Michele Clark for getting him in!

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