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Brand communities and Liverpool FC

Thought of updating this blog with something relevant to my studies. The semester is really packed with fun courses like social media, venture growth, strategic market planning and financial management. I'll try to update this blog!

Social Media Marketing at Schulich School of Business, York University is one of the latest courses to emerge from the talented faculty. We've already touched upon United Breaks Guitars and uncovered some of the "below the surface" stuff like motivation.

Talking about Brand Communities, here's a recent example I found:
Liverpool just announced that it would be meeting with a democratically elected group of 17 fans to pay more attention to their woes

Here's my take:
Liverpool just announced that it would be holding elections within the supporters committee to find 17 democratically elected fans who will have a minimum of 4 meetings with the club during the season. What's more important is that these members will have a public profile on Kop, Liverpool's social network system that allows fans to communicate. What's interesting about this announcement is that the club knows it's performance is in the dumps and is trying to engage and get fans behind the brand by voicing their concerns.

Pretty cool 'eh!?

And if you don't know about United Breaks Guitars, here's the video....enjoy!

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