How to extract query parameters in Google Tag Manager

Say, you have a page on your site that looks like this:

This page is a based on a search filter and you'd want to keep the results separate from site search query [which you can set at the view level in Google Analytics].. 

You want to extract field1, field2 and field3 values from the query parameter portion of the link and pass them as events to Google Analytics.

1. Create 3 separate variables for each field. This can be done by choosing the URL type in variable config + choosing 'query' as the component and finally, the field name [field1 in the screenshot below].

GTM Query Parameter

2. Create your triggers [3 separate ones where {{field 1}} does not equal undefined, {{field 2}} does not equal undefined and {{field 3}} does not equal undefined. The triggers have been kept separate as you might have searchresults pages where a user only chooses some of the search filter options and not all. If all three fields are included in the same trigger then it would be an AND condition [ field 1 + field 2 + field 3 should not equal undefined].

3. Setup your GA event where Category could be along the lines of 'Search filter results' while Action would be {{field 1}} / {{field 2}} / {{field 3}}.

Once data starts coming in and you want to separate out the fields in Excel, you can use 'Text to column' feature > Delimeter > Use '/' as the symbol that separates the field and that's it. You'd now have the different combinations used by people on your site.

Link to GTM Forum discussion and Simo's solution:!topic/tag-manager/ysNVK2J6F5g;context-place=mydiscussions