[FREE GA Tool] GAUPET: Google Analytics User Permission Data In Pivot Tables

Just found this tool from David Vallejo's blog [he created it] and thought it's really handy for agency folks.

GAUPET stands for Google Analytics User Permissions Tool and it does exactly what it says.

All you need to do is connect your GA account on this tool


and create pivot tables out of it. Something like this:

As you can see in the above example, I've dropped two fields under rows [account ID and GA ID] while columns has email address. For my personal GA account, it's much simpler to know this but with agency accounts, this can really help show governance rules setup in GA properties [or view level], especially when you want to check account level access [also included in this tool]. Something like this:

Be sure to try the visualization features to switch between bar charts/area/columns and heat map shown below.


Best part, it's FREE so that's always a good thing. Here's the full list of fields:

The included fields are:

  • Email Address
  • Email Domain
  • Access Level
  • Account ID
  • Account Name
  • Account Access Rights
  • Account Permissions
  • Property ID
  • Property Name
  • Property Access Rights
  • Property Permissions
  • View ID
  • View Name
  • View Access Rights
  • View Permissions