Facebook Ads Is Now Flagging Videos That Contain Too Much Text

Back in April, WeRSM reported on Facbeook relaxing the 20% text in image rule to give more flexibility to designers. The new rule gave much needed freedom to creative folks by bucketing the image into either of these four categories:

  • Image text: OK: You ad's image contains little or no text. This is the preferred image style. 
  • Image text: Low: Your ad may reach fewer people because there's too much text.
  • Image text: Medium: You ad's reach may be much lower
  • Image text: High: Your ad may not run


Coming back to videos, I just noticed this notification for a video ad.

Clicking on 'Heavy Text in Image' opens up this notification with the guidance link taking users back to the Facebook help link posted in this article.

This is really important to advertisers for a couple of reasons:

  • 85% of Facebook video plays are on mute. Videos need to be created for the 'silent generation'. Content should be short, easy to consume and understandable even on mute. 
  • Knowing the above figure, this opens to a discussion around how much text/captioning should be included in the video to facilitate consumption of key message(s) while balancing Facebook's guidance around including text.

Have you noticed this notification for any of your videos? How has this impacted the Cost Per Objective for such ads compared to non-flagged ads?