Deeper Integration of Search Console and Google Analytics.

This was long overdue but it's happening. It's a little surprising but still common to see websites that don't have their Search Console data connected to GA.

By connecting SC to GA, the former is able to pass some of the query data to GA [taking care of some of the 'why can't I see my keywords in organic reports?' issue].

This announcement gives an even greater reason to connect it immediately as the feature is being rolled out.

While the queries report will continue to be limited, the new integration of SC will be at a landing page level. This means that users can now use the ABO/ABC approach to get organic search metrics, right from search impressions down to conversion.

This helps in several ways:

If a landing page does well in conversion rates but has low search CTR's, it could be investigated for meta descriptions copy, keyword ranking and relevance. Increasing the CTR's for such traffic would help with the CR on the website.

Another application could be reducing the bounce rates for high click-through organic landing pages. Is the web page delivering on the search? Can the user understand the page within 5 sec? Are navigation buttons/CTAs clearly laid out? 

Is this feature really new and was not possible without the new integration? No...

GA landing pages report would give you metrics starting Sessions.

Search Console > Search Traffic > Search Analytics reports

Change the radio button to landing pages instead of queries and get Impressions + Clicks metrics from here. Join these to the GA Landing pages report [under Behavior] via VLOOKUP functions to add impressions and Clicks and you have the same report ready...landing page name would be the primary key for both these tables. 

For a multi product site, they could analyze by product categories [example landing page www .buyfromus,com/catrgory1/productA.

Just by doing sone quick data labeling in Excel via SEARCH or MID function, you'd know the performance by categories plus where you need to channel more efforts.

 you'd have to go the same for country / devices data to get such metrics., if this can be done within the existing framework with a bit of work,is it a really deep integration...?

and that's why there was a big of Twitter banter between Simo Ahava [from Reaktor, GTM expert] and Daniel Waisberg [GA Evangelist].